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Design, Packaging, Apparel Design

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Our partnership with Death Wish Coffee was during their recent growth into a national brand. They needed help to solidify the brand identity, especially with the packaging standards. In addition, we created some new apparel products for brand extension and to meet a few customer requests.

The flagship "worlds strongest coffee" was newly offered in k-cups and their fans quickly asked for volume purchasing. The 50 count bag was added and needed the same look as our new packaging standards. We extended the layout to fit the bag and added custom icons to fit the brand.

Their fan base is proud and loves to stand out as individuals and as fans of Death Wish Coffee. This ugly Christmas sweater does just that; no chance anyone else at the party will have the same thing on.

Custom icons for their k-cup packaging and promotional materials for the signature product and sister brand, Vahallah Java: Odinforce Blend.

To offer volume buying of their products, a 50 count bag of Valhalla Java k-cups was added to the product line. We updated the packaging with custom icons and to be consistent with other new layouts for coffee packaging we established.

Giving the customers what they want, even when they don't ask for it, is an ideal way to connect with users and establish brand advocates. Adding a custom bandana to the product line made sense for Death Wish Coffee and was quickly added as a bonus gift for new orders.

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