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Candy has a nostalgic feeling for many people. Penny candy, five and dimes, and the post Halloween fun come to mind. Beekman 1802 is a brand that embodies the "olden days" and heirloom products. We were tasked with designing packaging for their new candies, made by an artisan using vintage molds.

Being an artisanal product, the budget for this was small. So we had to make do with one sticker to house all of the pertinent info...and look vintage.

We decided to use the ingredients to drive the look of the packaging. It instantly reminded us of fruit box labels. The direction was agreed upon and here is where we landed with the design.

The story behind this product was from Brent, a founder of Beekman 1802. "When Brent was little, his “Memaw” would give him butterscotch candies in church when he started to squirm. The only problem was that the candies had crinkly gold wrappers that made a lot of noise. He hated getting “Shhhh’d!” by the people around him. So he worked with our local candymaker to craft these little butterscotch hard candies, hand-poured and pressed in an antique candy mold. With rich butterscotch flavor, they’re sure to stop the “church squirmies” in anyone, of any age."

The lettering and flourishes used were inspired by our flat file of vintage labels. The colors were meant to not raise suspicion when removed from the pocket and blend in with the Sunday Service reading materials.

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