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packaging, illustration

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buted For the nationwide launch of the Farm Pantry products, we designed packaging and print ads to promote the initiative to give back to local farms.

We were confident in having Chelsea and Paul design packaging for over 40 gourmet food SKUs for "Farm Pantry” Beekman sub-brand which was featured nationally in over 1,500 Target stores. Bear Design worked with a team of project stakeholders to bring our small company to the national market with a look on par with any big brands.

—Josh-Kilmer Purcell, Founder, Beekman 1802

For the teas we wanted to stand out amongst the current brands on display in target stores. The majority had a base color that grabbed the eye...until it was next to another base color. Switching to a white base color for the packaging gave it the punch on the shelf to grab the eye while living in a rainbow of other products.

For the beer bread mix we were able to do custom photography for the packaging while committing to the standards for the Farm Pantry sub brand.

An extra virgin and roasted garlic olive oil were added to the Farm Pantry line of goods and needed fast turnaround. The tapered bottle and long neck lead to a great feel in the hand when pouring and our low band label caught the eye with the top half shelf placement in the olive oil section of Target stores.

A custom pattern and illustrations were added to the honeys while retaining the Farm Pantry look. This product was a best seller in the Farm Pantry line of goods at Target stores nationwide.

Full spread ad for Farm Pantry we designed for the initial pages of the Beekman Almanac. Chalk style was hand lettered and illustrated to extend the brand and mirror the POP displays in Target stores.

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