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Reinventing Ourselves

May 2017

PJ Engel

When you realize you are in the "Cobbler's Children Syndrome” as a business, things have to change. Luckily, realizing you are there is that big first step. As a creative agency, we should apply our skills to sell ourselves on a regular basis. This statement is the beginning of that process. We are now tackling the rebranding of Bear Design Company and its services.

Looking at ourselves we start with strategy. Here we question: goals, customer, challenges, and how to measure success. During our strategy sessions we will conduct exercises to filter through our voice, impact, and our X-factor. We may even find out that we don't have and X-factor. This would be the Robert Frost moment—be one of many that are content or find a new path to stand out. The latter is usually new territory which is a huge unknown and a risky move when owning a business. This is where you question, do I want to play it safe or do I want to adapt and find a void to fill.

To prove our process—beginning with strategy—we are now patient zero. We plan to document the steps we take to explain the value as well as learn from it. To outline the process, here are the overall steps:

This is an investment in the next chapter of our company that we are pouring our skills into to grow, learn, and adapt to the changing market we operate in. 

What do you think? 

Being transparent is a new approach and is meant to shine a light on our process and why it works. This is not just a look at the people behind the curtain, it is the partnership that we use to meet business goals. The aim here is to shed a light for fellow creative business owners and for customers to kick the tires a bit for a few minutes of reading here and there.

In the meantime, view our recent work and in-progress projects here: