Strategic design to pair users with business goals


We begin all projects with a brand strategy, where we partner on the brand itself, its users, and the business goals.

Branding & Identity Systems

We craft  brands to connect with customers. Making a great logo is only part of the puzzle.


Making the message clear and unique is what makes people stop and pay attention to your products is our passion.

Latest Works

Big brand for a small business

A local company with larger aspirations for growth needed a brand and identity system that could stand handle growth and never go out of style.

Farm Pantry to your pantry

Beekman 1802 partnered with over 1,500 Target stores nationwide for their Farm Pantry products. For the campaign, we were tasked with creating packaging and print ads.

Coffee Refresher

We were tasked with refining some packaging, designing new apparel, and tightening up the brand guidelines

bear [bair]

verb (used with object), bore or (Archaic) bare; borne or born;bearing. hold up; support:to bear the weight of the roof. hold or remain firm under (a load):The roof will not bear the strain of his weight. bring forth (young); give birth to:to bear a child.

Why Bear?

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